2017 Gentlemen of Steampunk Calendar!

As a thank-you for visiting EButterfield Photography and tolerating my sometimes odd vision of the world, please download and enjoy the 2017 Gentlemen of Steampunk Calendar with my compliments. You can download the calendar by quarter below; just copy the provided URL into your browser.

The calendar is suitable for printing on standard 8-1/2 x 11 paper, and while I'm selfishly reserving all rights, it's a gift to you; just don't go selling it on street corners or websites, please.

NEW! I've added a "Proper Victorian Gentlemen Version" for those of you who prefer your Gentlemen a bit less exposed. Links below...

Thank you for visiting EButterfield Photography, and here's to a wonderful, successful, and most of all Gentlemanly new year!

- Evan Butterfield


Click on a sample page to download in 3-month batches...

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 Download January/February/March

Copy this URL in your browser: http://www.ebutterfieldphotography.com/q1-2017-gentlemen-of-steampunk-calendar.pdf

Download April/May/June

Copy this URL in your browser: http://www.ebutterfieldphotography.com/q2-2017-gentlemen-of-steampunk-calendar.pdf

Download July/August/September

Copy this URL in your browser: http://www.ebutterfieldphotography.com/q3-2017-gentlemen-of-steampunk-calendar.pdf

Download October/November/December

Copy this URL in your browser: http://www.ebutterfieldphotography.com/q4-2017-gentlemen-of-steampunk-calendar.pdf



Download the 2017 Proper-Victorian-Gentlemen Edition

(Click on the images to download PDFs)

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