What's good for the goose being good for the gander, here's a set of scantily-clad gentlemen showing off both their steampunkiness and their physical assets in a sort of "steampunk beefcake" genre. Note that many of these images are included in the "Gentlemen of Steampunk" books (which include fascinating biographies of their characters) and calendars.
DSC_8010abDSC_7980ababDSC_6581aDSC_5529aDSC_5497DSC_5425abDSC_5389aDSC_2759RigsmanSteampunk Scythe 3859Steampunk Scythe 3857DSC_2141abcDSC_2061aWelder's Mask 093aThe American WorkerDSC_8522abDSC_8456aDSC_8383abcdDSC_8366aDSC_7658a