EButterfield Photography | Credits and Reviews
Here's a selection of photo credits, and some comments from models I've worked with in the past. 
  • Doubleplay Bar, New Orleans LA; image for promotional poster (2018)
  • Book cover image, G.L. Carriger, The Sumage Solution; San Andreas Shifters #1 (2017)
  • Book cover image, G.L. Carriger, Marine Biology: San Andreas Shifters Prequel (2011)
  • Photo gallery at BentCon LGBT sci-fi con in Burbank, CA Nov 7-9, 2014 [invited, juried]
  • Photo gallery at Clockwork Alchemy steampunk con in San Jose, CA May 23-25, 2014 [Invited]
  • Photos of local bird species displayed on permanent banners in El Dorado Park, Long Beach CA [Paid]
  • "Steampunk beefcake" photos featured on gay pop culture blog, Queerty.
  • Interview with photos featured on Steampunk Library blog. 
  • FH Blog 8/1/2013 [NSFW] "The correlation between Evan's desire for control, and the use of objects is interesting to me. In many ways, the objects act as visual bait that Butterfield uses to lure your attention to where he wants you to look first. Even though you may be looking at a naked man, your brain is visually telling you 'grapes'. The contrast is fascinating and in some images, the object also connects both the model and the viewer to the tone and feel of the piece." [Review]
  • FH Blog 8/1/2013 [NSFW] "'The tie series came about for a couple of reasons. The "Serious Artistic" reason was that I found the contrast between the formality of a tie and the nude model to be an Important Statement about how we decorate ourselves in the business world, and make judgments about a man's success and power based on the quality of his neckware--all the while ignoring the fact that we're all naked underneath, and that the body is a much more true symbol of power. The real reason is that I thought it would pretty funny to have a hot nude model wearing nothing but a tie.'" [Review]
  • Featured photographer, inaugural issue of GoNaked Magazine [NSFW] (pgs. 52-54) [Review]
  • Photos exhibited in the IX Annual International Photography Exhibition ("Mammals"), Exhibition Hall of the Dept for Biology & Ecology, Novi Sad, Serbia. [Invited]
  • Photo featured on the homepage of Fantastikals at the Renaissance Faire [Permission]
  • Cover and inside photos for a Star Trek fan magazine, USS Columbia Commlink [Permission]
  • Photo published in print and online versions of Backpacker Magazine (June 2012) [Paid]
  • Photo exhibited in the VIII Int'l Photography Exhibition: Fungi Kingdom, Sremska Kamenica, Serbia [Invited]
  • Photo published in Metamorphose magazine [Paid]
  • Photo used as the cover image for a Portugese translation of Colleen McCullough's novel, Tim [Permission]
  • Photo exhibited in the V International Photography Exhibition, Amphibians & Reptiles, Sremska Kamenica, Serbia [Invited]
  • Photo included in the Royal Geographical Society's Hidden Journies project [Permission]
  • Evan is a joy to work with. He knows what he wants and is open to suggestions. He is respectful and very professional and gets the photos to you quickly. He also knows how to make models feel very comfortable. Will definitely shoot with again. Thanks Evan! You rock
  • Hot damn! These look badass and I've never experienced anyone being so quick about this...You're comfortable to work with and have a very interesting vision going on!
  • Your image work is fun, creative, sexy and just the right touch of MAGIC!
  • I'm impressed, really.  Now being on both sides of the camera, I can see how much effort and creativity are put into your shoots.  I dig the result and dig how unique the images are.You have an excellent eye in models, in their poses and in props and wardrobe. 
  • Your work is amazing!!!! I especially love your Steampunk photos.
  • Amazing photos. 
  • During our photoshoot, it was very easy to trust you. 
  • You're awesome! Please let me know if you ever want to shoot with me again. I really enjoyed it--you're a great photographer! 
  • Thanks for having me model for you--it was fun and very relaxing. Great images! 
  • Thank you! I love them! Really great stuff! 
  • I just looked at the photos in my lightbox and I'm blown away! You are a god!! I can't believe how great you made me look. It was so fun to work with you on these... I had a great time. thanks so much!
  • Oh my god these are great! U made me look so good I can't believe it. It was so easy working with u!! 
  • Loving the photos. U are awesome. I had a blast too!!!! I need to hit the gym more I can tell u that.
  • Evan! They are wonderful! You truly are a master of your art. Thank you so much for restoring confidence in myself. I'd love to work with you again in the future. It was a pleasure working with you.  
  • Thanks Evan. They look amazing. Man I should work on my tan tho...
  • thank you so much for the pics i love them. You're the best!