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What's good for the goose being good for the gander, here's a set of scantily-clad gentlemen showing off both their steampunkiness and their physical assets in a sort of "steampunk beefcake" genre. Note that many of these images are included in the "Gentlemen of Steampunk" books (which include fascinating biographies of their characters) and calendars.
wingsSteampunk Shirtless Male 309daSteampunk Shayim 195a1Steampunk Beefcake 489aSteampunk Torso 440dDSteampunk Union Suit 328aNathan Steampunk 436aTubular Man 235EIndustrial Man IDSC_8910cdE2DSC_8522abSexy Steampunk Santa ClausDSC_8383abcdSteampunk Union SuitSteampunk Semi-nudesteampunk beefcakesteampunk maleDSC_7658aSteampunk beefcakesteampunk male