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aDSC_1204aDSC_0886abDSC_9872Vendillshank et ceteraStanceDr Martingale Fitchly, en laboratoireLd. Prof. Fensworthy Mettylbourne-Dremm & the Focalised Plasm GauntletLd Prof Fensworthy Mettylbourne-Dremm & the tragic Skullmount Revolving PisolPeerageProf. Motlyn's spectaclesQuite Suddenly a Page of LightTenebrae's Fae (The Gummerswood Portfolio) 1Fae, ensaredMasked FaeriePowers Lie WaitingFae "Passing"Eren Yeager, "Attack on Titan" [Anime Series]Tuxedo Mask, "Sailor Moon" [Anime Series]Mugen, "Samurai Champloo" [Anime Series]L