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COMING SOON! Anime characters get the Gentlemen of Steampunk treatment. Real, live men interpreting such characters as Spike Spiegel ("Cowboy Bebop"), L ("Deathnote"), Rintauru Okabe ("Stein;s Gate"), Ken Kenaki ("Tokyo Ghoul"), Eren Yeager ("Attack on Titan"), Tuxedo Mask ("Sailor Moon") and others.
Hiei, "Yu Yu Hakusho" 8712aLelouch vi Britannia, "Code Geass" 8542aBxLelouch vi Britannia, "Code Geass" 8533aBShotaro Kaneda, "Akira" 8408aBShotaro Kaneda, "Akira" 8391aBEren Yeager, "Attack on Titan"  8298aBEren Yeager, "Attack on Titan"  8294abLelouch vi Britannia, "Code Geass" 8144Shion, "No. 6" 8103 ATuxedo Mask, "Sailor Moon" 8056aBMugen, "Samurai Champloo" 8000DSC_7878aBWEren Yeager, "Attack on Titan" 7844Ken Kaneki, "Tokyo Ghoul"Mugen, "Samurai Champloo" 7607AMugen, "Samurai Champloo"  7574ABTuxedo Mask, "Sailor Moon" 7540aBTuxedo Mask, "Sailor Moon"  7483ABLelouche vi Britannia, "Code Geass" 7439ALelouche vi Britannia, "Code Geass" 7422A