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"He on Hes Staffe"

"He on Hes Staffe"

From "Peculiar Utterances & Writings of Fae Chroniclists of the Previous Century, Collected and Commented Upon" by Ld Prof Maddoch Pymmsby-Cardendon: "Whon approach is then made by Him Luxet Tenebrae seking as was to capture Him's Fae Gryl Y'santyr'd light within him's Tenebrae's enlight-collectir, Him Gryl who was in passing clad obliged despite Him Tenebrae's failure it was to Gift--so like was Him Gryl to accomondate the Makers and thyr sillie whimmers--then leaned he on hes staffe simple in Him's Tenebrae's cave and Him Gryl was his light captived."
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