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Pilferer's Trove

Pilferer's Trove

From the recently-catalogued collection of photogryphist Luxet Tenebrae, a fae displays purloined eyewear stolen from a variety of gentlemen and carried about as trophies on a rough bit of chain. It was not uncommon, during the tumultuous mid-century period of technological and alchemical discoveries and advances, for the fae resident nearby rapidly-changing towns and cities to "strike out" upon the purveyors of what they are recorded as finding vile abuses of plasms, aethers, and certain rarefied metals. The application of such substances to mercantile and strategic purposes, coupled with the frequently ill-effects hazarded upon the broader environment, resulted in considerable frustration and rage amongst the fae. Acts of petty theft and miscreancy were the least of the results, which oft-times tottered upon the very edge of wanton vandalism and even terrorism.
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