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The Unique Properties of Faerie "Dust"

The Unique Properties of Faerie "Dust"

The uniquely particulate "pollenated energies" that the fae are capable of generating remain a subject of considerable mystery and contention amongst scholars. In "On Faerie Dust: The Ur-Physical Composition and Hypothesised Purposes Thereof," Gingham-Morse opines that the "dust" is an accumulation of physical by-products of plasmic reactions within the fae's "gems," and that its release is as necessary to faeic health as (again, Gingham-Morse's analogy) the sloughing off of dead skin, or the elimination of food waste is for humans. That ur-natural, quasi-alchymical, and other inexplicable properties have been attributed to the substance does not improve the focus of scientific inquiries thereunto. Rather, scholars seem divided among various camps: some holding that the substance, while visually interesting, is of little purpose or use of itself (Gingham-Morse would be in this camp, along with most of the Imperial Academy of Ur-Natural Studies); others are adamant that it is yet another manifestation of the energies, plasms, and aethers the fae have been shown to produce at will, and is therefore part and parcel of their "powers" to adjust reality; and a third group of romanticists who--in the utter vacuum of any supportive evidence--insist that the substance is simply "magical" insofar as it is beyond current scientific understanding to comprehend. In this image from Luxet Tenebrae's collection of faerie studies, the subject fae has generated "dust" and is distributing it within the photogryphist's studio. Of what its effects were on Tenebrae or his equipment no notes survive.
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