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Tenebrae's Fae (The Gummerswood Portfolio) 1

Tenebrae's Fae (The Gummerswood Portfolio) 1

Photogryphist Luxet Tenebrae is, of course, renowned for his mid-century work chronicling various notable Aengineers, Scientists, Plasmists, Alchymists, Inventors (as well as known and lesser-known Inventrixes), politicians, philosophers, and other ground-layers of the early Steam Age.
A remarkable set of recently-discovered images, however, referred to as the Gummerswood Portfolio due to the proximus of its discovery in a small cottage adjacent to the former Gummerswood Forest region (an area now primarily occupied by an assortment of industrial and aelectrical steameries, a pneumatic station, and assorted housing for lesser aengineers, financemen, and the army of clerks who cannot afford City rents) has shown a heretofore-unknown side of the notable photogryphist's eye: his work among the ur-naturals, specifically the fae.
At that point in Imperial history, of course, the fae were more commonly seen by Her Majesty's subjects, and on occasion interacted-with. During the period, however, it must be noted that the primary activity of the ur-naturals appears to have involved pilferage, vandalism, and various acts of annoyance and outright destruction designed to impede Imperial techological progress. As noted by the fae chronicleers themselves, “occasioned we are to torment and foole en harke distroye, these pond’rous mortallies that fogge the ayre and foulen the watyrs, who playe themselves with aethyr and plasim and confount the globe and all the felk therein by what they do not know they do.”
Tenebrae was somehow able to entice a number of fae to pose for his luminecaptus, and the results are proving to be a great windfall for scholars, historians, and proto-natural biologists as well.
[Photo by EButterfield Photography; Quinn Knox, model]
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