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Quite Suddenly a Page of Light

Quite Suddenly a Page of Light

[Excerpted, with notations, from the Personal Diaries of Luxet Tenebrae]
Whereupon the next day I once again discovered A.B. [presumably Antiquorn Bloss, a fae chroniclere and outspoken--insofar as that term can be applied a constitutionally reserved fae--critic of the unbridled spread of human technology at the time] within the salle d'ombre, awaiting (it seemed) further photogrpyhickal adventures. We spent some time, whilst I set up the necessaries, discussing this and that, and our conversation happened to turn to the question of fae and human nature, and how closely our two species were or were not related one to another. Based, I opined, on purely physical comparison, the relationship appeared to be a close one. This observation clearly nettled A., who frowned sharply and stood in the center of the room, his hand-gems beginning to glow brightly. Quite suddenly--in the sense that one moment it was not there, and the next it was--the frontispiece of Lord Darwin's "On the Origin Of Species" quite manifested itself as--and I swear it was so--a page of light delicately suspended in the air above the fae's fingertips, and he commenced to read aloud various passages that seemingly caught his fancy. Other light, less coalesced, swirled about A. and lit the room with a brilliant if uneven glow. I took advantage of this "natural" lighting to capture an image of the fae and his work [presumably the image displayed here, recovered from a lost portfolio in the neighborhood of the former Gummerswood] before he completed his reading and all fell to morning shadow again.
"If you be pleased, Luxet Tenebrae" (for so he always referred to me, quite formally despite our long acquaintance, by both my given and surname and I assume, had I accepted HM's recent proffer, that he would have insisted on including the honorific as well) "to note that your own Lord Charles Darwin is horrifically mistook on a number of items of some import, primarily in his references to the fae mine. For it was not from some rude beast that fae we ones descended in common with humanlike; rather we ascend. We watched this raw orb crackle and cool in the airless heat of its infancy, and watched your poor life crawl gasping from its uberous seas. Behold, Luxet Tenebrae, the fae we ones shall watch your sad decline and miserable end, gasping once more as you leave, the poor sphere's air a dark and sunless, unbreathable viscosity you filled with plasms and aethers without the whimsiest understanding of what you were summoning up. You, perhaps, from apes descend--and such a terrible descent--but fae we ones from first starlight sprang, and we know your kind too well, and of it we are not."
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